Koi Fish in Night Lotus

Koi fish as one of the classic Japanese elements fascinates me. I drew my inspiration of this piece from many past visits to several traditional Japanese gardens. I hope to capture the peacefulness and harmony of the koi pond through the color and texture of glass. Stained glass as an art material allows me is to explore light and shadow each piece offers. In this piece, I try to show the mysteriousness and calmness of the night pond through the shadow.



Fox God of Mid Autumn

Fox mask, a traditional Japanese element, has been represented in various art forms. In this piece, I try to capture the mysteriousness of the fox mask, especially through the placement of the red. In terms of the choice of the glass, I aim for a balance of the tradition and modern by combining the subtle background and the bright objects.



Winter Mandarin Series

In this latest series, I explore the taste of winter in Japan through a variety of color and texture to portray mandarin oranges, a typical fruit choice for Japanese during winter. To fully capture the Japanese element in this piece, the mandarin part with unique texture was selected to resemble the fiber of wa-shi, traditional Japanese paper.



Grape & Shape Series

Green is definitely my go to color for my glass works, and without a doubt I started this grape series with light green glass. In this Grapes & Shapes serires, I hope to find the perfect balance of transparency and shadows with a limited selection of glass.



Tiny Floral Suncatchers

Tiny floral pieces bring me such joy while making them. So many pretty colors and shapes to take my minds away from what has been going on in the world.I hope these playful tiny suncatchers can light up your mood as well.



See Through Series

Plain transparent glass. No interesting shadows or reflections under the sunlight. No color changes in different lightings.In this See Through series, I wanted to bring the best out of the ordinary, and appreciate the beauty of simplicity.