Welcome to my little corner of art!
My name is Allison Gai, a modern stained glass artist working from a suburb near Tokyo, Japan. Born and raised in China, I spent my college years in Los Angeles, then moved to Japan for work in 2017.
I find inspirations from fruits, plants, and whatever nature offers us, and explore my way of expression through the language of glass.My current works are mainly modern and simplistic, mixed with traditional Japanese elements.
I don't know if you have ever experienced that "This is it!" moment, but it is stained glass for me. It's impossible to capture the excitement, passion, and a sense of belonging with any words when I first knew such art form exists.
Creativity saves and navigates me through my journey of life, and I sincerely hope I can share with everyone of you my joy through stained glass.
Art is the what I need to do so I can heal all the stress from what I have to do. And I hope one day, art by itself will be my one and only focus in life.
Thank you for being here and I hope we stay connected.
Have a great day!
Allison Gai